Cushing Door - Bikes
Cushing Hall of Engineering, Notre Dame, IN, USA. Constructed in 1932, Cushing is WeRoLab's home.


Cushing 110, Notre Dame, IN, USA

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Department

Mail address

365 Fitzpatrick HL
Notre Dame, IN 46556-5637 USA


Prospective Ph.D. students

If you have a passion for developing technology to help others and are interested in pursuing a funded Ph.D., please email us to check potential positions available to you. Please attach your one- to two-page resume and a professional portfolio that fits our research (any combination of YouTube videos of your projects, GitHub repositories, one-page statement of purpose, or list of publications). We typically accept Ph.D. students to start in the Fall semester. Click here to know about our graduate program application requirements and deadlines.

International undergraduate or Master's students

We have options available for summer research. Click here to know more about the International Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (iSURE) program. Please email Kailey Preston, MA  (Program Coordinator at Notre Dame International) at expressing your interest in our laboratory. Notre Dame International will guide you through the process and describe the research options available. Based on the summer experience, we can consider future options for graduate education in our laboratory.